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River Thames, London

About Stratton


Stratton provide environmental management solutions, consultancy, project management and a range of specialist services that connect companies with innovation and technology.  With experience dating from 1930, Stratton possesses a strong expertise in providing the quality and craftmanship that fits our vision to maximise value from every investment.

Our vision is to become the number one choice for environmental management solutions globally.

Our Expertise

We apply our management skills, technological flair and, most of all, our ability to harness our strategic insights when solving our clients’ individual challenges, and we can do it for you too.

This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture. We challenge, support and engage with you to create value through successful transformation.

Our Philosophy

Adding value to our clients is the core philosophy of our business, and is central to every service that we provide.

Stratton has proven end-to-end project life-cycle expertise, working with our clients to add unexpected value, anticipating risks and identifying new opportunities, helping them to maximise the whole life value of their investments.

Our Commitment to Results

Our commitment to results can be evidenced in how Stratton excels in every arena we enter.  Our customer first strategy and our transparent mindset provide a platform in which we can confidently say we deliver results and maximise value, every time.

Our Experience

Our market focus spans a vast range of project and product types – each one demanding unique, client-focused solutions, so our 25+ years of experience stands us in excellent stead to be your go to partner for environmental management solutions.

Our Management Group


Glaas Group UK

We Do It Better.

We've been a part of the Glaas Group since 2018, Aiding us in our mission to become the strongest team we can be.

To find out more about The Glaas Group UK, see their website using the link below.


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