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Pro Series Dispensafe DS – 1 Auto

Product Specifications:

- Highest quality construction

- Largest Capacity dispenser available on the market

- Automatic Sensor operation means no spread of virus

- 3000ml refillable, lockable sanitiser dispenser

Dispensafe DS-1 Auto.jpg

Product Description

The DispenSafe Pro Series - our premium range, designed and engineered to the highest quality construction, the ultimate option for commercial use.

Ensure superior hand hygiene in your establishment with our Pro Series Range.
When designing this range, we centred our research on the commercial
sector. We knew that we needed to create a product range that was built
stronger, designed better and had greater capabilites than ever before -
meet our pro series range. Consisting of two different products designed
specifically for use in industrial and business settings, the Pro Series
offers the best solution currently on the market. Automatic dispensing,
touchless usability and greater storage are just a few of the many
incredible features that this range has to offer.


Our DS- 1 Auto has been specifically designed for use in high use areas.  It is the complete solution to hand sanitising, offering storage for 3 x 10 litre sanitiser tank, a new system which means it can offer a low disinfectant consumption, this product is built to last for as long as it is needed.

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