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DS-1130 Gloss Grey

Product Specifications:

- Highest quality construction

- Height 113cm, Width 15cm, Depth 15cm.

- Footpedal operation means no spread of virus

- 900ml refillable, lockable sanitiser dispenser


Product Description

Ensure superior hand hygiene in your establishment with this DispenSafe 1130 automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. The stand elevates a 900 ml dispenser to the perfect height for employees and customers, so they can easily sanitize their hands on-the-go. The dispenser boasts a sleek modern design to seamlessly fit into an office or retail setting. The open view design offers great product visibility, allowing your employees to easily monitor the fill level.


The DispenSafe 1130 Station has been designed specifically to provide an efficient way to enable your staff, customers and guests to sanitise hands without compromising on hygiene.


Powered by the use of a foot pedal, it means that there is absolutely no chance of virus contamination or spread from person to person, which makes the product absolutely perfect for any setting.


Crafted from the highest quality and robust materials, The DispenSafe 1130 station is the perfect addition to your office, store, or any requirement you may have.

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